Flood & the Bounty

by Flood & the Bounty

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released August 21, 2014

Stan Thiel - Bass, Vocals, Harmonica, Wurlitzer, Percussion
Alexei Shatz - Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Pump Organ
Evan Penza - Guitar, Vocals, 12-String Guitar, Percussion
Jeff Wilson- Drums, Banjo, Piano, Organ, Percussion

Hank Mehren - Piano, Organ

Recorded at King Size Sound Labs engineered by Theo Karon
Mixed at Electro Sound Studio by Jason Hiller
Mastered at King Size Sound Labs by Mark Chalecki



all rights reserved


Flood and the Bounty Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Wildflower
wakin up alone
this house it aint a home
you tell me im the man for you
but i can't understand what you do
wakin up alone
rush to ritches
miners diggin ditches
around your bloom
caught the fever
looked like it was over
i laid down by your side
you pulled me through the night

you're a wildflower
pretty and purple
lookin like a wildfire
all dressed up in red
feels like a cold stream
hurts in the beginning
your a wildflower

we were to get married at the mall
until i seen you in the stall
with a mule kickin there
at all the things we shared
wakin up alone
i know what you've done
and it aint right
but i love you anyway
its a love i cannot hide
keeps me runnin through the night
Track Name: Jenny
jennys got tools and blueprints in her hands
makin big plans, she don't need a man
shes on a roll now
rollin like thunder
goin crazy
kickin up her boots anyway she can

i know the odds are stacked against me
a fool could see she'll be travelin on
shes going someplace where she can shine
shes a bullet train on the coast
headin long gone past the station where we last spoke

goodbye Jenny
no one could slow you down
you got one foot in the door of your dreams
you know the time is now
goodbye jenny
i'd say i would see you around
but i can tell by the speed you're walkin
i wont recognize you a year from now

meeting up on a hot summers night
being in the right place, right time
she talked about a life, one that i could never give her
tho i tried, she took off in the morning light

and sometimes i think of her and me
lying under a shady tree
but that aint the way it was meant to be
and i dont feel bad
but i just keep on thinkin
Track Name: Fakin Love
Mornin sun
pull the covers back up
see your face light up
when we touch
got your dancin shoes
got em laced just right
shakin down
but just at the part where the bass is gonna drop
and i have you in my arms
you gotta leave
with some excuse
i think you take me
like a drug
youve been bitchin everytime you wake up
you dont go
very far
to please me
babe it aint that hard
these tears
keep comin back
they're not for you but you dont think about that
makin Love
makin love
its fakin love with you

i work three jobs
and i dont mind
if i could sleep all day
every once and a while
im countin on you
when i get home at night
to not yank me around
but it doesnt seem to matter if my heart is gonna break
i cook your supper and i clean your plate
so when you ask for desert
you'll hear me say
Track Name: Rockin Chair
here i go
blown out and beat down
pretty women
ask me to come around
country girl got warm legs and a place to sleep
we make some lovin and im right back on the street
and when she asks me why i cant stay
i say its because

theres plenty of rockin chairs in hell
and jelly hole motels
for a shoe shine gamblin man to settle down
so as the world keeps spinnin around
i dont sleep
and my feet
they hardly touch the ground

send me your letter from an exotic country
with a time and place to meet in a day dream
trespassin angel comin down the hallway
with a pastor gettin drunk on a sunday
and when i
ask them why
they look to the sky and say because
Track Name: Woman on the Road
the chances are high
i wont be feelin right
when the moon shines
shes riding another flight
shes a woman on the road
and im her man at home
with nothin but time

after her shows
in her motel room
she aint watchin no cartoons
shes fine with a highway for a home
every night shes rollin the dice
bowlin my heart for a strike
down thin ice

woman on the road
my woman

she started off travelin in a circus in Louisiana
contortin and snortin
gettin high on her dreams
she stopped in small cities where many a man
would follow
to see her

had a dream tonight
when the dipper was high
she was wavin goodbye
with a buck face man
waiting by a subway sign
in the mornin i received her call
that pretty lilly voice said it all
shes still mine
Track Name: Realize
I did not realize the time
when the short hand struck the nine
when the evening clock strikes ten
will i see your face again
what am i supposed to think
of how time seems to stretch and shrink
when you're the only one it seems
who captures me
and makes me think
i would spend all of my time
honey just to make you
realize my love

adore you at the break of day
morning smiles you give away
hold you in the setting sun
you know you're my only one
honey when you leave my side
i want you to realize
theres no one in the world for me
know one else but you ya see
Track Name: Coco
coco coco
i know your heart is racin
your parents when on vacation with out you

they left you here with me
with a bag of food to eat
and a little box of treats
a bottle of glucosamine
instructions for to feed you
and a bed where we can sleep
or just sit and watch tv
coco and me

i scratch you on your cheek
and you lick my fingers clean
i love you differently
better than a human being
though its hard to understand sometimes exactly what you need
i wonder what you see
when you're lookin right at me

you'r runnin in your sleep
huntin in your dreams
lookin for the rabbit
hoppin by a stream
you chewed right through your leash
Track Name: Devils Gate Flood
shouting loudly your words are like magnets
keeping me close, buried in the near
you loved my mind as my thoughts became stagnant
i didnt know it then, but now it is clear
I felt a forcefield come up and grab me
carry me far away from your arms
a lifetime spent with you i wanted so badly
til i walked outside and on came the storm

devils gate flood
break open and im free
moving on up
through the mountains to the sea
devils gate flood
break open and im free
it wont be long til im where i ought to be